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Welsh network of healthy school schemes The Healthy Schools initiative plays a large role in Glynhafod Junior School, encouraging the development of schools which promote health before, during and after school hours. Glynhafod junior school has developed policies which promote health following the Welsh government’s guidelines. These policies used in Glynhafod contribute to the promotion of healthy lifestyles by considering a range of actions on particular health topics, such as Food and Fitness, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Environment, Personal Development, Substance use and misuse, Hygiene and Safety. The children in Glynhafod play a vital role in the ethos and environment of  “Healthy Schools” and each child understands the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to ensure a high level of well-being. Our School Council are a team of dedicated and confident children who have taken on a very important job in our school! They meet once every half term to discuss any questions posed by their peers and they also think of new ideas which may benefit their school.

Mental health and wellbeing is something we value deeply and try our best to ensure each individual child is happy while at Glynhafod Junior School. We have our own ELSA in school who is always available for pop-in sessions at break times and individual sessions. We have found the service to be very effective so far. ELSA is available and open to any child. Please do not hesitate to ask.